Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Downloads for some of my 3-D printing files

One of the things that's been very encouraging with this new show is how many kids are genuinely interested in the robot and the idea of possibly building their own robot. After the show is over, kids from older teens all the way to very young pre-readers want to hang out and talk about how the robot works, and how I built him.

Of course, RD-3D is not as complicated as most real robots since he's really more of a robot "actor," pretending to hear and respond while actually just delivering his "lines" on cue.

But he was still an ambitious project and something that any builder would have fun with and be proud of. So, I'm including links to the files on Tinkercad that I used to create RD-3D.

It's important to note that I started with a frame work from a toy made by 4M Kidz Labs, as I mentioned in a previous post. I used a soup can because they are about the same size as a soda can (what the toy was designed for), but the soup can is sturdier and I knew it would be a better casing.

However I needed more room inside than a single can would provide, so I designed the can connector. Here's the link to that if you want to go in and download it, tweak it to something else if you want to try to improve it, or just print it as it is.

I also incorporated some forks and redesigned them to be even better than before. Here's the link to the file for the improved forks:

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