Monday, February 03, 2020

2020 Summer Dates Filling Fast!

Booking the best entertainer, speaker, presenter, magician, for Texas SRC Summer Reading Club can be a challenge. One of the problems that libraries in my area face is that budgets are not revealed until mid-to-late January and by that time most of my schedule for the summer has already been filled. Some systems won't even let their librarians engage in discussions for booking until AFTER the budgets have been approved and released!

For years I've told librarians who wanted to book me to reserve a date way in advance since it doesn't cost anything to plan ahead. I offer a no-risk, no-obligation reservation for my clients so they can tentatively save a date without having to sign a contract, make a deposit, or actually commit to a booking. It's like a dinner reservation, only easier.

WARNING: Shameless plug coming up....Not all presenters are this easy, but it is certainly this easy when you book Texas author Julian Franklin.

The most popular dates and times seem to be Wednesday mornings. If you want a fun library magic show on a Wednesday, particularly a Wednesday morning, you pretty much have to reserve it as I leave your library the year before. Some clients book me two years in advance, but that's usually not really necessary. Also, if you have your Texas Summer Reading Club shows and events on Mondays, Fridays, or Saturdays, then it is much easier to get a quality performer. But if you wait until the last minute, you won't be able to get top name performers, who frequently perform in public libraries at LESS than other presenters who might not even be as skilled or entertaining.

Imagine paying MORE and getting LESS. I know the best performers tend to book up quickly, and they almost all allow tentative reservations without a deposit or signed contract. If you can't get me, Julian Franklin, then see if you can get someone really fun and engaging like Lucas Miller the Singing Zoologist or Storybook Theater, or even San Antonio Birthday Party Magician, Mr. Magico. You will be pleased with ANY of these talented performers.

And if you work at an elementary school, don't forget that during the school year, I perform more Texas elementary school assembly programs than any other Texas author or presenter!