Friday, June 05, 2009


Wow! It has been more than two months since I've posted a blog entry here! I have two excuses that I'll share with you because one is fun and the other is relevant. I'll leave it to you to determine which is which.

First, I've been spending far too much time updating everyone on my Julian Franklin Facebook page rather than here on my blog. That's good because if you're on FB then we can kind of keep track of each other in a very convenient way. So, if we're not yet friends on Facebook, send me an invite and we can catch up efffortlessly!

FYI: I'm also on LinkedIn and Plaxo as well so feel free to connect with me there if you want. I'm not on Twitter because I update Facebook every 1-2 days and that is more than enough "Julian Franklin" for anyone.

The second reason I haven't been posting is that May always kills me. Once the TAKS test is over everyone wants to hire a fun assembly program to reward students. I have two performers working for me now and we were all working pretty much every day in May and still had to turn a few schools away.

Don't stop checking here. I'll post stuff here more regularly again, but if you feel like you really need more regular updates then join me on the social networking sites. Then I get to check on you as well!

Summer Reading Club is well under way and I'll be writing about that very soon. We've already done 5 SRC programs so far in 2009..."only" 107 remaining!