Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Business Travel Strategy

Every year I spend about 80 nights in hotels as I travel around doing educational school assembly programs in Texas. This is great because I rack up lots of hotel points that I can use for vacation with my family.

Unfortunately, my family and I prefer to go camping and stay in cabins rather than hotels. So every vacation we've been on for the past three years I've told her "When I travel for work, I'd rather stay in a campground like THIS than to be in a hotel somewhere; even if it meant I had to drive a little farther each day to get to my school".

So after years of talking about it, we finally decided to bite the bullet and buy an RV. Nothing fancy, mind you. I tow it behind my truck, set it up for the week, then drive the truck back and forth to work each day and return "home" to a familiar bed and beautiful surroundings.

We bought the camper this summer and broke it in on a 3 week vacation to west Texas and southern New Mexico. This week I was in San Antonio and I got to stay at Guadalupe River State Park. There was horrible rain, tropic storm force winds, and a few scattered tornadoes. The river was totally flooded.

The good news is that I had the whole park to myself!

I'll be back next week to San Antonio again, but I'll be trying out a different park. I want to sort of get the feel for some of the places available. I'll keep you posted.