Wednesday, June 04, 2008

First Show of the Summer

Yesterday I did my first Summer Reading Club show of 2008. It is always so much fun when the summer starts.

I love performing in schools and our company presents almost 1,000 assembly programs in elementary schools each year, about half of which are done by me. I LOVE performing in schools. It is such a rewarding opportunity. But after ten months of school show presenting, I always welcome the change that comes with summer.

I drive a lot more during the summer, but my days start later (most days begin at 10 am rather than 8 am) so that's a more relaxed start. Plus the audience is different with way more adults (usually) than in a school setting. Schools have teachers, but the ratio is 20:1 where as at the public library during the summer most children are with at least one parent so the ratio is closer to 2:1.

I like that because there is a lot of humor in our programs geared just for the adults.

I also like SRC because I truly believe in the work. Study after study has shown how important reading is in the emotional and mental development of children and I think the Summer Reading Club is probably the BEST way to encourage that to happen on a consistent basis.

Well, it's 7:05 am and I have to get on the road in a little bit. I have two more libraries to do today (Hempstead and Eagle Lake). If you're in the area, check out my schedule and come visit me between shows!