Saturday, April 28, 2007

Interview with my Staff: Andrea

Julian: So, what do you like best about working here?

Andrea: I'll tell you what I like least: That picture of me on the web site "Faculty" page!

JF: I'll change it today. [ed: I have no intention of changing that picture, but I will admit that it doesn't do her justice. She looks good in the picture but in real life she's even more gorgeous]

AV: I like being able to stay at home with Madeleine. I like the friendships we've made with so many of the people we serve.

JF: Do you like "Naked Wednesday" as the new office policy?

AV: Why do you say dumb things like that?

JF: I'm serious.

AV: Please tell me you're kidding. I know you aren't stupid enough to post that question on the blog.

JF: Of course not! [ed: Of course so!]

AV: I'll go back to the only real question you've asked so far. I like being able to see you perform and sit at the back where I can see the reactions of the children and also to hear the comments from the adults. It is great to know that we are really making such a major difference in the lives of so many young readers and I like being a part of that.

JF: That's great. Now, seriously, do you think we should have "Naked Wednesday" as the new office policy? I mean, you work out of the house, so it wouldn't be that hard to coordinate.

AV: This is why you shouldn't work for your spouse. It makes harassment lawsuits much more difficult to prosecute.

JF: Right. Now, you mentioned the joy you get being a part of inspiring children to read. I know the answer to this, but for our readers, please tell us about you desire to learn one of the shows and perform it on stage.

AV: It will NEVER happen. We each have our strengths and mine is keeping you organized enough so that you never miss a show.

JF: I would never be able to run this business without you, that's for sure.

AV: And I would never be able to get on stage and do what you do. We make a good team.

JF: Yeah. Let's pretend it's Wednesday.

AV: Dream on.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Interview with my Staff: Jack

I was at S.C. Garza Elementary several weeks ago and Mrs. Carlson, the media specialist suggested that I do some interviews with my various staff members and post them on my blog. Liking this idea, I immediately went to work on the project. This is the first interview I've conducted. This is an interview with Jack, the largest of all my puppets.

Julian Franklin: Jack, and I'm just going to call you Jack for this interview and it would be WAY too weird for me to call you "Mr. Rabbit"…

Jack Rabbit (interrupting): You could call me "Fredrick".

JF: Is that your middle name?

JR: No, but if you're trying to come up with other names to call me then I wanted to offer a suggestion.

JF: Whatever. Look, you really only perform in one production at this time.

JR: That's right. I'm the star of "Sport of Champions", it's a show about me and how fast I am.

JF: No. It's an educational school assembly program that promotes reading while also teaching about math and basic math concepts.

JR: Yes, right. It's about reading, math, and about how fast I am.

JF: It's NOT about how fast you are. In fact, we go into pretty good detail about how you lost a race with a TURTLE!

JR: Actually, I won second place in that race!

JF: Jack, when there are two people in a race and you come in second place that's called "LOSING"!

JR: Hmmph. That's a very pessimistic way of looking at things, isn't it?

JF: JACK!! Please. Let's try to get back to this interview.

JR: Of course. I forgot. I know that all the regular readers of your blog will want to find out more about me.

JF: You really think so highly of yourself that you think all the regular readers will want to know more about you?

JR: Yes. I'm sure they all will. All two of them.

JF: I have a LOT more than two readers of this blog!!

JR: Sorry, I forgot to include your mother.

JF: You leave my mother out of this !!

JR: Whoa! Too much caffeine for YOU! No more trips to Starbuck's.

JF: Please, let's just do the interview.

JR: Ask a question, then! We only have time for one more, then I have to leave.

JF: Really, what time is it?

JR: Time to go!

JF: Wait! What about my last question?

JR: You just asked two.


JR: Too much caffeine for YOU!

Thank you Johanna, for the idea for the interview!