Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Summer Reading Club Makes Me a Better Person

Every year I write a new show for public libraries in Texas. I tie it into the theme for the summer reading club for that year and write it so that it promotes the summer reading club as a summer activity as well as promoting the very act of reading for pleasure. It is critical to teach children early on the joy of reading. If children associate reading only with laborious school work, they will NEVER learn to read for pleasure.

And I am very big on inspiring children to read for pleasure. Children who read for pleasure score higher on standardized tests, they have fewer discipline problems, and are more successful academically. Not to mention that all the great knowledge of our time and times past is held in books, most of which are absolutely FREE at the local library.

Excuse me, while I step down off this soap box before I hurt myself.

The purpose of this post was to make note of the fact that every year I present my new show it affects me in a minor, but significant way. And, no, "minor" and "significant" are NOT mutually exclusive as I'll demonstrate with examples from my life.

…Starting with a post in two days. Come back and visit then. Find out how each of the following summer reading programs at Texas Libraries have literally changed my life in powerful, but (usually) very unobtrusive ways:

2002 Read Across Texas
2003 Mission Possible: Spy a Book
2004 Color Your World - Read

2005 Go Wild! - Read
2006 Reading: The Sport of Champions

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