Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Signing Up for Summer Reading Club

Yesterday, after the first swim lesson of the summer we went to our local library and registered Madeleine for the summer reading club. She checked out three books while she was there. My wife got two and I got one.

Unfortunately I haven't had time to flip through it yet because I've been running mad with last minute changes to my show for this summer. The show debuts tomorrow morning in Magnolia. I'm looking forward to how it comes off in front of a live audience. You can practice as much as you want when you are alone. You can practice in front of your wife and daughter, but nothing really shakes a show out quite like getting in front of real people.

Of course, I'm very curious to see what the show becomes over the next two weeks. I've found that the show changes a LOT during my first 20 presentations. Then it changes a little bit more over the rest of the summer (about another 60 shows or so) and from then on it remains pretty solid, with only minor changes such as new jokes added and old ones removed or pop culture references replaced as they become dated. These changes occur when I perform the show at elementary schools during the school year.

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