Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Book with No Words

David Wiesner's newest book, Flotsam, is simply amazing.

I would say that I loved reading it, but I didn't actually read it. There are no words. Only pictures that tell a story.

And for some reason, the story is really powerful, even though it is rather nonsensical. The premise is that a boy finds a camera washed up on the beach and develops the pictures. He then returns the camera to the sea so that the adventures might continue.

The artwork is simply amazing. With no words you might be tempted to complete the book quickly.


Relish the details that Wiesner includes in each page. Just as the boy discovers hidden images in one of the photographs, so can you see all sorts of fantastic imagery if you take the time.

For a book with no words, telling a story of nonsense and fantasy, and concluding with a rather simple premise, I still found myself strangely choked up when I completed the book.

I don't know why.

If you get the book, be sure to come back and post your thoughts of it here.


Julian Franklin said...

I just found out that Flotsam won the Caldecott. I guess I know how to pick 'em!

Anonymous said...

The art is so detailed that it looks just like photgraphs. The action sequences realistically mirror real life experiences that happen along the shoreline. The panels that some of the art are done in are moving and some are even fascinating!