Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

I keep hearing good things from all the reviews, but everyone I know who has seen the movie says it is too dark for children. But the book sort of had dark overtones, too. I guess I'll have to see it and decide for myself but I don't know if I should bring my 7 year old daughter or wait until I've seen it alone first.

I think sometimes they do just the opposite. Chris Van Allsburg writes pretty dark books but when they turn them into movies they seem to put a light, funny spin on things. But his books are really deeper I think.

I'm on a Chris Van Allsburg thing right now because we are debuting our newest show which is a tribute show to Chris Van Allsburg called Catch The Reading Express. I hope it to be a great winter celebration show as well as tie into the theme for public libraries this summer.

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