Monday, May 07, 2007

Madeleine's Lemonade Stand

My daughter had her first lemonade stand on Sunday, May 6. Prepared for Life, an organization dedicated to improving opportunity for middle school children, created the idea of "Lemonade Day". You could register your lemonade stand and some organizations and schools went all out.

We just did a little stand in the shade by the park.

We did create several signs which we posted around area intersections directing people to the stand. We also had a larger sign that my daughter and I took turns hold up for passing traffic to see.

Over all we brought in about $12. Not bad for 3 hours. Okay, it probably wasn't the best investment of my time from a financial stand point, but the look on her face when she made her first dollar was worth more than I could possibly make in a month of hard work.

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